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Pin Diode Switches

Millimeter Wave Components
Features of  Mi-Wave Pin Diode Switches

Mi-Wave’s 911 Series Pin Diode Switches or MMIC switch is a SPST (912 Series is SPDT) reflective switch that combines low loss, high isolation performance with an tegra TTL driver in a compact package . Various driver options are available in higher isolation versions up to 60 dB . These switches can also be supplied without drivers . For higher speed applications, the 911 Series Switches feature an excellent on/off ratio and a 10% bandwidth . Integral drivers are standard with various driver options available

Series 911 Single Throw Switches (SPST) – 10% Bandwidth

We have various types of switches available like:
  • SPST
  • SPDT
  • SP3T
  • SP4T
  • SP6T
  • SP8T
  • SP12T
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