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Frequency Microwave MIXER

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Family of Frequency Conversion Products features a  complete product line of mixers, frequency doublers and IQ modulators  ranging in  frequencies from 0.01 GHz to 26.5 GHz. Our series of mixer designs  covers all microwave frequency bands from communication to  ultra-broadband, for military  applications with wide section of IF bands and input power levels.

Custom designed monolithic Schottky barrier quads integrated into unique  matching structures provide low conversion loss and high isolation.
  • IQ Mixers featuring high isolation and excellent image rejection
  • Frequency Doublers offering low conversion loss
  • Triple Balanced Mixers with high Broadband and IF frequency coverage
  • Double Balanced Mixers featuring high isolation and low conversion loss
  • Broadband Double Balanced Mixers featuring excellent performance and temperature stability
  • RF Termination Insensitive Mixers

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