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v-OTDR OTDR Optical Time-Domain Reflectometers

Instrumentations & Systemes
Find and characterize insertion loss, return loss, fiber loss, bend loss,
fiber breaks (fault location) in:

  • Fiber assemblies
  • Fiber links (LAN)
  • Fiber patch-cords
  • Optical components
  • Optical sensors
  • Optical fibers
Contact LTEQ MICROWAVE with your requirements and let us find together the customized solution to your fiber optic measurement problem.


The ν-OTDR is our highest resolution instrument. Sub-ns optical pulses and Luciol’s high speed detection technique make fiber optical testing with sub-cm resolution possible.
The high refresh rate of the instrument allows real-time monitoring of optical fibers.
The measurement is done in windows of 200 m or 800 m (depending on the type of detector). This window can be set to any user defined position up to a total measurement range of 40 km.
The ν-OTDR connects to an external PC via it’s USB interface. A user friendly software is provided.

The ν-OTDR is available as a custom system for almost all types of optical fibers and wavelengths, including for example Plastic Optical Fibers (POFs) at 650 nm, large core glass fibers, and all types of single mode fibers.

  • Sub-ns optical pulse-width
  • Sub-cm spatial resolution
  • 1 second refresh time
  • Lightweight instrument with standard USB interface
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