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Multi-Gsps Waveform Module (WM)

Instrumentations & Systemes
WM401 -- MuxDAC Evaluation Board (Waveform Module)

The WM401 - MuxDAC Evaluation Board - generates CW sinusoidal waveforms at frequencies of fractions of the sampling clock, from 1/64 to 31/64 of the data sampling rate. The WM401 can be controlled by a PC via a USB interface. The module comprises a MUXDAC, MD652D or MD662H, which has 12-bit amplitude resolution. The module can be clocked from 2 GHz to 4 GHz. At a 4 GHz clock, the sampling rate is 4 GSPS for the MD652D and 8 GSPS for the MD662H. It is equipped with a Lattice SC LFSC3GA25E-7FN900CES FPGA, which is programmed to generate CW sinusoidal waveforms only and is not for re-programming. or complex waveform generation, please use the Euvis
arbitrary waveform generators (AWG). The WM401 is powered by a 12V wall-mount AC adapter.

Key Features:
  • Differential analog outputs
  • 12-bit amplitude resolution
  • CW waveform frequency: 1/64th ~ 31/64th of the sampling rate
  • Friendly control by graphical user interface (GUI)
  • USB 2.0 compliant interface (other interfaces available upon request)
  • +12V DC wall-mount power supply included
  • Clock rate 2GHz to 4 GHz

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