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28 GHz – 29 GHz Power Amplifier

Millimeter Wave Components
28 GHz – 29 GHz Power Amplifier
955A‐28/29/30/36/KFH, Small Signal Gain 40dB, P1dB 32dBm, Psat 36dBm, VSWR 2.0 :1

Mi-Wave’s 955 series microwave and millimeter wave power amplifiers offer a wide variety of frequency ranges, bandwidths, gain and power outputs. Please consult Mi-Wave for technical specifications and outline drawings.
Power amplifiers are used to convert low power signals to high power signals. These are typically used in the transmit chain to amplify the signal before it is sent out via an antenna.

• High Output Power
• High Gain
• Broadband
• Unconditionally Stable
• Regulated Supply & Bias Sequencing

• 5G & 6G
• Test & Measurement
• Mobile & Satellite Communications
• Radar Systems
• Weather & Earth Observation
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