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Millimeter Wave Components
Insight SL-FS 0.45/8.10: 450 GHz – 8.10 THz and includes 118-178 GHz

Power (µW) vs. Frequency (GHz) chart comparing performance of Supperlattice multipliers to Schottky diode multipliers. Note:
Above 1 THz, Supper-Lattice (SL) multipliers deliver more output power than Schottky diode multipliers.
  • Over 7.4 THz waveband coverage
  • Includes 60 GHz of millimeter wave bandwidth
  • Extremely stable frequency ensured by PLL
  • Wide tunability, Controlled by IEEE via PC or manually
  • Possibility of frequency and amplitude modulation
  • Operates independently in free running mode as generator or with microwave signal generator as synthesizer
  • Ease of control and operation
  • High reliability
Typical applications:
EPR, NMR/ MRI, Gas spectroscopy, Plasma diagnostics, millimeter and sub-millimeter wave network analyzers, heterodyne receivers, Gyrotron experiments etc.
The Insight Product Synthesizer, Insight SL-FS, is manually- or remotely-controllable extremely wide band Supper-Lattice (SL) multiplier based synthesizers with excellent modulation characteristics and great ease of operation. Above 1 THz, Supper-Lattice (SL) multipliers deliver more output power than Schottky diode multipliers.
The Insight SL-FS can be operating free running generation or phase-frequency synchronization mode by Phase-lock Loop (PLL) with microwave signal generator up to 20 GHz.
The Insight SL-FS can be controlled by an external computer through General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) or internal controller. Computer sets the BWO frequency and the RF frequency of the reference oscillator, which is under GPIB control. 

Specifications for Insight SL-FS 0.45/8.10


Frequency Range &

Typical output Power


118-178 GHz (BWO source): 25 mW

450 GHz (x3): 2000 nW

750 GHz (x5): 200 nW

2.25 THz (x15): 2.3 nW

3.15 THz (x21): 1.5 nW

5.25 THz (x35): 1.0 nW

7.35 THz (x49): 0.34 nW

8.10 THz (x54): 0.15 nW


Frequency stability

5*10-8 or up to 5*10-11

with microwave signal generator up to 20 GHz.


Control and Programming


A. Manually by keyboard on front panel

B. Remotely by computer through GPIB




Fast frequency modulation by external analog voltage.


Data input/output


IEEE 488


AC supply


115V, 60 Hz, 100 W


Rated temperature range






£ 95%


Insight Product Co. Partial Customer List:
NASA;  Jet Propulsion Laboratory; NIST; MIT; Harvard University, Cornell University; UCLA; UCSD,
UC-Davis, SUNY-Stony Brook, Argonne National Laboratory, United States Naval Research Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Raytheon Corp., Microsemi Corp., ETH-Zurich, Switzerland; SRON Lab for Space Research, Netherlands; Friedrich-Alexander Univeristy at Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany; Seoul National University, South Korea; Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan; National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan.
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