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Insight Product Company (IPC)

Insight Product Company specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of millimeter (mm-wave) and terahertz (thz) frequency synthesizers, sources, detectors, mixers, and frequency multipliers.

IPC offers custom design and delivers millimeter and terahertz systems and sub-systems based on the customers specific needs. They also offer a wide selection of standardized systems and subsystems.

Microwave & RF Journal (Jack Browne) has repeatedly lauded Insight Product Co.`s millimeter wave frequency synthesizers (Insight FS), in March 2007 they wrote:

`When a frequency synthesizer requirement calls for millimeter-wave signals, few firms can match the lineup offered by Insight Product Co. ( with models spanning 36 to 1250 GHz. The company`s 120 to 180 GHz source, for example, provides more than 30 mW output power over that range and can be operated locally from the front-panel keypad or remotely under GPIB control. The company features three sources covering 370 to 535 GHz, 526 to 714 GHz, and 667 to 857 GHz with power levels from 4 to 15 mW.

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